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Welcome to our exciting Corporation… The information in here explains everything you need to know about us. If you would like more information on what the positions require, than e-mail ceo@teen-on-line.com for a detailed report. Thank you for choosing TeenOnline & wanting to be on a team that dedicates their time and effort to helping teens on our site, and we hope you will join us soon! HERE IS A LIST OF POSITIONS… FEEL FREE TO USE THEM ON YOUR APPLICATION…


Corporate Staff

James T. Hinkle -- Founder/Ceo  E-mail

David Russell -- President  E-mail

DJ Slider -- Radio Station Operator  E-mail

Technical Support -- If you have questions about the site  E-mail

Service -- For problems with mail or other related issues  E-mail


Amy Gomez -- Regional Nevada Advertiser  E-mail

Jason Stone-- Regional Louisiana Advertiser E-mail


 (5 volunteers) -- Sexual Advice Counselor   E-mail

 (50 volunteers) -- Operator  E-mail

Other Useful E-mails

To Volunteer  E-mail

For Help  E-mail



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